UHP Trooper Lisa Steed Makes Wrongful Arrest


This case is very disturbing. The trooper arrested a man with a disability claiming he was DUI.   In 2009, Trooper Lisa Steed reports she made 400 DUI arrests, more than any other trooper in the nation.   The story states that at first, the Trooper’s Captain supporter this arrest.  However, the UHP Captain called the reporter, Chris Jones,  back for a second interview and admitted that this was a mistake and the man would not be prosecuted. 

Here is the whole Story.

Trooper Lisa Steed, is by all accounts, the pride of the Utah Highway Patrol. In 2007 she was named Trooper of the Year by the law enforcement agency,for her remarkable work arresting drivers believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

She has been a member of the UHP for 8 years, and in that time she has arrested nearly 800 people for DUI, 2009 was her bellwether year, with 400 DUI arrests, no one in the state, or the country for that matter comes even close.

Two weeks ago 2 News recieved an Email from Mike Tilt’s daughter. Courtney told us her father, who suffers from Cerebal Palsy, Epilepsy, and other disabilities, was arrested and charged with DUI after failing a field sobriety and, when asked if he took medication for his Epilepsy, was arrested for DUI.

Tilt, whose left leg is shorter than his other told Steed he would fail the test requring him to put one foot in front of the other, and he did. Steed then asked him for his driver’s licence, when Tilt told her he didn’t have one because he suffers from seizures, Steed placed him in cuffs, "what, are you arresting me?" Tilt asked, "yeah, for DUI," Steed responded.

Initially Steed’s UHP bosses defended her, telling 2 News that unfortunantly many people do drive under the influence of prescribed medications, and they believed that Mike Tilt was no exception.

We began to look into the background of Trooper Steed, although she has indeed been lauded for her work pulling drunk and impaired drivers off the road, she has also been chastised. Judge Robert Faust said of her alleged disregard for some UHP policy,that is was "especially troubling." Judge L.G. Cutler said of her testimony in a case before him that Steed’s words, "lacked credibility." Defense attorney Glen Neeley has represented many of the people pulled over by Steed, "she has policy that she is required to follow, and she doesn’t follow them," says Neeley.

Neeley says in his cases, Steed often fails to conduct field sobriety test in front of the dash cam video that is mounted in her car. That is a UHP policy, it is designed, Neeley says, to protect Steed and the person being questioned. He also says Steed has a goal of pulling over as many people as possible with the goal of making DUI arrests. Neeley is concerned that when you "cast that wide of a net," you are bound to make arrests of people who are not guilty.

After 2 News began this investigation, the UHP started their own inquiry, and in a remarkable turn of events, called us and asked for a second interview, "is this in line with our overall goal of DUI enforcement? Probably not," says Capt. Mike Rapich, of the UHP, Rapich says after further review they will not ask for charges against Mike.

when asked, what would happen if they went back and reviewed other DUI arrest by Steed, Rapich said they would find good DUI arrests that conform to prescribed procedure and the law.

Attorney Neeley says he isn’t sure that is the case, and is concerned that Steed over steps the power she has been granted, "if she’s supposed to protect us from the dregs of society, who is going to protect us from her," asks Neeley.

5 responses to “UHP Trooper Lisa Steed Makes Wrongful Arrest”

  1. Niiice. Maybe we should pull her over after she pops some Tylenol and throw her in Jail for DUI. Dummy. I give her another year on UHP and she will be done. If nothing else she will get what she deserves, Karma always wins. I foresee a class action civil suit against her in the near future. *cough cough* Glen. hehe


  2. This is very disturbing. Anytime you get a police officer or state trooper bragging about the number of DUI arrests they made should trigger an alarm in every DUI Attorneys head. This just goes to show you this particular officer was more interested then their own agenda, as opposed to finding justice. Simple unbelievable.


  3. This officer arrested me and tried to get me for DUI when I was younger. I wasn’t even drinking. Then, she said that I was on drugs, which I have never done. She repeatedly messed with the breathalyzer after it came up o.o.Finally, after she messed with it the third time and said it was “bullshit” because she could “smell alcohol” on my breath, it came out 0.007, and she got me for drinking while underage, the Not a Drop law. Then she took me into the station and told me that I had to take a drug test and if it came out negative, she would drop all my charges. Unbeknownst to me, she had no power to do so. I was 19 and never had been in trouble for anything like this before, and had no idea how to fight it, so I got stuck in jail for the night (very traumatizing I might add) for something I did not even do. This lady needs to be arrested herself and definetely taken off the police force.


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