Judges Find Trooper Lisa Steed Not Credible

Judges are finally starting to recognize credibility issues in Trooper Steed’s work.  Judge Cutler in a this written opinion takes note that the Trooper’s testimony lacked credibility in three significant areas.   www.utahduilawblog.com/uploads/file/Steed Cutler ruling.pdf

First, the judge did not believe that the trooper was just on "traffic enforcement."  She was staking out the place trying to catch the sale of alcohol to underage drinkers.

Second, he did not believe the trooper in her description of the road construction in the area.

Third, the judge did not believe the trooper’s description of a technical driving pattern that would constitute the reason for the pull over.

Judge Faust in this case www.utahduilawblog.com/uploads/file/steed faust ruling.pdf  stated that "the Court is troubled by Trooper Steed’s failure to follow UHP Policies…"

Further, Judge Page in Davis County two years ago dismissed a case where Trooper Steed’s video was destroyed.

According to Trooper Steed’s own testimony, she made 400 arrests in 2009 for DUI.  This is reported as being the most in Utah, and reporters believe the most in the nation.  The next closest arrests made by a trooper in Utah was 168.  She is quoted as saying this is a numbers game.  Pull over as many people as you can and at least 1 out of every 10 will be impaired.  It is the same as the tuna fisherman that cast a huge net and sometimes innocent dolphins get caught in the net.  Are the innocent just a casualty of war against DUI?  Many people’s lives are ruined by false arrests.  It costs them money, embarrassment, sleepless nights, and even their jobs.

7 responses to “Judges Find Trooper Lisa Steed Not Credible”

  1. I agree with the last statement ” Many people’s lives are ruined by false arrests. It costs them money, embarrassment, sleepless nights, and even their jobs.” This can affect someone’s life so much, it can destroy them in a way when they are wrongfully arrested.


  2. I definitely agree it’s sick to see an officer over use their power. I have heard on multiple occasions of Officer Steed doing anything she can to get you for a DUI. Watch out for her if you are driving with even the slightest amount of alcohol in your blood.


  3. i was given a dui by officer steed simply for metabolites in my blood. i was not impaired and had not smoked marijuana in any time recent enough for her to rightfully give me a dui. she charged me with dui because i was incapable of passing the field sobriety test due to a horrible anxiety attack. because of this, i have lost my job, my reputation has been ruined and i am forced to pay lawyers money i don’t have (due to losing my job). All simply because she would not allow me to calm down during a panic attack. she was also incredibly rude, very self-righteous and had me in handcuffs and under arrest in under 10 minutes. i really wonder how hard this officer is trying to protect her community as opposed to making as many arrests as she can regardless of how many decent people’s lives she ruins. i would understand if i was impaired, but i simply was not.


  4. That is very interesting. With DUI arrests increasing all over the nation, it isn’t suprising that there is a number of police officers actively looking to make arrests. Do you know if this type of ruling is becoming more common in Utah?


  5. It’s good that they are finally starting to see Officer Steeds dirty work. Her number over quality thought is ruining innocent peoples lives. In 2009 when she had the 400 DUI arrest only about half were charged guilty for their DUI.


  6. I went to court today for my DUI, Broken Windshield, Wreckless Driving. These were the citations on the ticket I recieved. They added 2 more charges to it that are fucking even more retarded than giving a charge for windshield instead of fix it ticket. the cop wouldn’t let me blow in the machine for more than a couple seconds. he than tossed me in the car a not sat me in his car. I had a major brain injury that I died twice 2 months ago. He wouldnt even let me take my medication before taking me to jail. Instead he told the doctor to put i took drugs not prescribed to me. The drug and alchohol test was done at the hosipital. I went to get my records from them and they said they dont have record of a blood draw. didn’t read me my rights. they made to other charges up when sending report to the judge. disorderly conduct saying i didnt move from a public place. they were searching my fucking car and didn’t even ask me to move. how can i when he has me out of the car handcuffed. than the other charge threat against life to place a person in fear of injury. what the hell is wrong with these guys. I am handcuffed waiting for him to learn how to use his breath machine. I can’t afford a good attorney because of hospital bills. they have no sympathy at all for human life. I get headaches so bad at times my brain shuts down. I have found so many mistakes they made. I hope I get a fair deal on the situation. If anyone has any advice I would be so grateful. I am a great American. Highway Patrol Badge # 337 and his crew.
    They better have the video and the documentation that it was for sure they got because i don’t see anything from the hospital. What a great time in my life have some brain damage from the fall. Now he has to throw 5 charges at me. thanks utah I f*#** hate that state.


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