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I was arrested for DUI in Utah, but the Cops never read me the Miranda rights!

The Constitution should apply to all equally.  A person accused of murder has the exact same rights as someone accused of writing a bad check.  This is the way it is supposed to work, but in the real world, it

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Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

As the New Year approaches for 2014, troopers, sheriffs, unified police, and local city police will be saturating the state in an effort to arrest people for DUI.  There is always a big concentration in Salt Lake City.  As an

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Utah DUI Defense: The Law and Practice, Second Edition

The Second Edition of Utah DUI Defense:  The Law and Practice has just come out.  The first edition was released in 2011.    The second edition has been updated with the latest case law, statutes, and strategies in defending DUI’s

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5 Big Lies About DUIs in Utah

Many people, including judges and attorneys, have the wrong perspective about DUIs in Utah. A lack of knowledge in the area of DUI can have dire consequences to a citizen without realizing it.  The Big Lies are: A DUI is

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Ogden DUI Attorney

I opened my law practice shortly after graduating law school in 1998.  There was no big firm dreams for me.  I did not want to work for someone else.  My dream was to help those in need who could not

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Driver License Suspensions for Minors who get a DUI in Utah

 I was presenting to UACDL attorneys on Drivers License Suspensions.  An area that became real confusing is the area of minors who get a DUI.  The reason this gets so confusing is because there are administrative based suspensions and then

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DUI Attorney vs. a Criminal Defense Attorney

 The question has come up twice this month from two different sources.  I was asked, "What is the difference between a DUI Attorney and a Criminal Defense Attorney."  The simple, but circular answer is all DUI attorneys are criminal defense

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