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  • No Work Permits during a Utah DUI Driver License Suspension Period

    The most common question I get from people is can I get a permit to drive to and from work while my driver license is suspended?  The answer is an emphatically NO at this time.  Utah, as the law is now, there is no work permits that would allow you to drive to and from […]

  • Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

    Every justice court and district court in Utah is a little bit different in how they interpret the rules.  Every judge require things that other judges do not.  For example, the Salt Lake City Justice Court judges require a person convicted of  DUI in Utah to take an additional class called the MADD Impact Panel […]

  • Seven Steps through a DUI case in Utah

    Below, I discuss the seven steps through a DUI Case.  A Driving Under the Influence Charge is a serious offense and is very complex.  As a Board Certified DUI Defense Lawyer, I evaluate your case and look for the best possible outcome.  Below, I briefly discuss requesting a driver license hearing, hiring a DUI attorney, […]

  • Step 7: The DUI Trial in Utah

     When we take your case to trial, we always request a jury.  In Utah, you have the option to have a bench trial (with only a judge) or a jury trial.  Utah law allows four jurors for a class B misdemeanor DUI offense.  If the DUI is a Class A misdemeanor, Utah law allows six […]

  • Step 6: Utah DUI Motions

    In analyzing and evaluating your case, we look at possible motions to file with the court to suppress evidence that the prosecution wants to use against you.  We look at everything from whether the officer had a legal reason to pull you over to whether the chemical test was correctly administered.  The starting point is […]

  • Step 5: The Pretrial Conference

    After the Arraignment, the Court will schedule a Pretrial Conference Hearing.  This hearing is designed to allow possible negotiations with the prosecutor, scheduling of further hearings, scheduling of motion to suppress hearings, and/or scheduling of  a trial.  The DUI Defense attorney will meet with the prosecutor to engage in negotiations.  Generally, the client does not […]

  • Step 4: Requesting the Discovery and Evidence for your Utah DUI arrest

                The next step after you have hired a lawyer is to obtain all the evidence concerning your case.  As soon as you leave our office, we make a request for several items.  There is a laundry list that we request and that every DUI attorney should request depending on […]

  • Step 3: Going to Court on your Utah DUI for the First Time

    The Arraignment:  The first court hearing is called the arraignment.  The citation will tell you to contact the court not less than 5 days and not more than 14 days.  This is preprinted on the citation forms all over Utah.  However, if you are booked into jail, many times the releasing agency will give you […]

  • Step 2: Contact a Lawyer

    The next step is to have an evaluation done on your DUI case.  Contact an attorney that specializes in DUI Defense.  We offer a free 30 minute evaluation of your case.  Many people think their case is hopeless.  A lawyer who specializes in DUI Defense has the ability of spotting issues that many people miss.  […]

  • Step 1: Request a Driver’s License Hearing after arrested for DUI In Utah

    The first step in any arrest for DUI is requesting a Driver License Hearing.  Many people want to bury their head in the sand after an arrest occurs.  They don’t want to think about, take some time to process what just happened.  They hear the officer spew words about contacting the Court no earlier than […]