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  • Another Utah DUI Blitz–Arresting people that are Not Guilty

    I saw this article published by the Standard Examiner.  The story is about looking for DUI drivers during the month of December.  Contrary to popular police belief, December and the holidays, is not the most dangerous months according to the article.  In fact the article says "December ranked seventh of all months for the most […]

  • Utah ranks as one of the “best” in low percentage of drunk-related deaths!

    Here is an article about South Carolina, which ranks as one of the worst for percentages of drunk-related deaths.  However, Utah ranks as one of the best in the nation. The article states: –In the U.S., someone is killed in an alcohol-related accident about every 30 minutes. –Roughly one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted […]

  • Utah DUI Hidden Penalties that your Attorney May Not Tell You About

    When a person is convicted of a DUI, generally, a Court will sentence a person.  The Court will address punishments, conditions of probation, and treatments.  For example, for a first time offense, a person normally and generally receives as sentence a fine of $1332, a Prime for Life alcohol treatment program, 48 hours community service […]