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  • Women charged with alcohol offense when she did the right thing, Not Drive!

     A woman in Indiana was responsible enough to request a ride from a sober driver after drinking at a party recently, and was arrested for being drunk in a vehicle anyway. The woman was at a friend’s house and drank two tall beers. When one of her friends who had not been drinking asked the […]

  • UHP Trooper Lisa Steed Makes Wrongful Arrest

      This case is very disturbing. The trooper arrested a man with a disability claiming he was DUI.   In 2009, Trooper Lisa Steed reports she made 400 DUI arrests, more than any other trooper in the nation.   The story states that at first, the Trooper’s Captain supporter this arrest.  However, the UHP Captain […]

  • Should I plead to a Metabolite DUI?

    I was discussing a case with a prosecutor today.  He made the offer that my client plead to Driving with a Measurable Amount of a Controlled Substance in his system.  This is basically the same thing as a DUI, except the prosecution does not have to prove any impairment or level whatsoever.  The only thing […]

  • Utah DUI Charge or just talking on your cell phone?

    The first thing an officer will look at when they are "hunting" for a DUI in Utah is the driving pattern.  I have had numerous cases where the officer describes somewhat of a driving pattern in states my client swerves or weaves a couple of times.  Many times, my clients will tell me they were […]

  • Salt Lake County Attorney refuses to plea Bargain DUIs, even if the Evidence is Lacking

    I was told that that Salt Lake County Attorney’s office had a policy of "No deals on DUIs."  I learned first hand that the policy is true, even if the evidence is lacking.  I defended a man accused of three DUIs.  In all cases, I  believed the man to be innocent.  The evidence supported my […]

  • Arresting Utah DUIs is “Hunting” for UHP!

    A UHP Officer in Davis County, Utah, was given an award for arresting people for DUI last week.  She refers to it as hunting for DUIs.  During this hunt, you have to wonder how many times the officer gets buck fever and makes a DUI out of an innocent person.  How many people’s lives has […]

  • Utah “DUI Blitz”–Justifying the Expense

    If the UHP is getting paid for 75 eight-hour overtime shifts to look for drunken drivers,  don’t you think they better find some to justify the cost and expense.  Think about it, they get all this to look for drunken drivers, and what would happen if they have no arrests, no DUIs, and nothing else […]

  • Innocent Dolphins Caught in the Utah DUI Net

    I once heard a story about how the tuna fisherman would go out on the ocean to harvest the tuna fish.  They would use big, huge, over-sized nets to reap this harvest.  In these big nets, on too many occasions, innocent dolphins would get caught in this net.  The dolphins were considered just collateral damage […]

  • Utah DUI Fatalities are the highest in the Country

    Utah had the biggest increase of alcohol-related deaths in 2006 and the UHP doesn’t like that.  The UHP blames it on misleading statistics.  Imagine that, the statistics are misleading.  "But before there is a public outcry, Utah Highway Patrol trooper Preston Raban said Utahns should know the statistics are a bit misleading." Consider the following: […]

  • Driving under the influence of Drugs, or was it just a Medical Condition?

    Do we really believe in the presumption of innocence?  When we drive down the street and see a citizen pulled over by a police car, don’t we say to ourselves "I wonder what he did?"  Are we not prone to presume someone guilty before innocent?  In many of my cases, it feels like the case […]