Tag: Sentencing

  • New Utah Expungement Law

      New laws came into effect regarding expungements.  The eligibility requirements have changed to the detriment of many.  To be eligible for expungement, the case has to be dismissed with prejudiced, meaning it cannot every be filed again.  Rarely, is a case dismissed with prejudice.  So it used to be that if a case was […]

  • Utah DUIs, Face Book, and My Space

    A friend of mine, an attorney, told me about a case where he went to sentencing with his client.  The friend argued to the judge that his client is not a party animal and that this was a one time mistake.  When he was done, the prosecutor stood up with printed photos from the client’s […]

  • Utah ranks as one of the “best” in low percentage of drunk-related deaths!

    Here is an article about South Carolina, which ranks as one of the worst for percentages of drunk-related deaths.  However, Utah ranks as one of the best in the nation. The article states: –In the U.S., someone is killed in an alcohol-related accident about every 30 minutes. –Roughly one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted […]