Breath Tests Thrown Out!

I have a friend in the State of Washington named Andrea Robertson.  Excellent Attorney.  She sent me an email this week about a huge mess that is going on in Washington.  The gist of the mess is that the State Toxicology Lab staff violated ethical boundaries (lied in quality assurance affidavits), were sloppy in their testing of samples, and did not do things according to their procedures.  Andrea assisted Ted Vosk in mounting the allegations and bringing to light the horrible injustice that occurred because of the "good guys", the government.  The order specifically talks about the corners cut by the head people.
Here is a copy of the order from the judges.

Andrea was interviewed by several News People.  Below is a small clip of one of those interviews.

    Here is the interesting thing about this whole scam.  The State of Washington, in my opinion, has set the standard for breath testing programs across the nation.  This particular lab brought us the famous "Baker Rule" named after a case that requires officers to check a person’s mouth and have a waiting period prior to breathing into a breath test machine.  I have been to the Borkenstien course at Indiana University where the greatest science minds come together to teach how breath test programs should be run.  At the top of the faculty list is two top lab people from the Washington State Lab.  Here is the Lab that sets the standard, and it turns out the lab staff seem to be dishonest and sloppy when they are trying to convict people of DUI.  Maybe they thought, "who cares, they are just drunk drivers", maybe they thought, "it’s too tough to do things right", or maybe they thought, "who is going to find out."  Well, I’m glad that there are lawyers like Andrea on the front line, someone who cares about people being accused, someone who feels that if the state is going to try to convict her client, they better take the time to ensure accuracy, and someone who took the time to find out what is exactly going on.  There were a lot of people that helped on this project.  Andrea was one of several brave soles to take on the government.  I’m proud to know her and proud of her for being a part of this.

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