Get a taser shot for asking for a lawyer in a Utah DUI Stop


Taser, Should they be used in any old situation?  At first glance, some people are saying the guy should have gotten out of the car.  I’m wondering if this was handled by Trooper Lisa Steed in the best way.  I mean, where is her back up?  Why did this go from him saying I’m not taking  your breath test, to get out of the car.  She gets mad because he would not  take the breath test that is shoved in his face.  He had that right.  He wasn’t hiding anything.  His alcohol level came back at a .03.  Instead, she has to have control and taser’s this guy multiple times.  

What a horrible situation.  "I want to talk to a lawyer",  "You can’t, I will taser you."  I have had many dealings with this officer.  I have caught her destroying arrest videos in Davis County.  She consistently takes people off the camera so nobody can dispute her investigation.  She has accused people of being on drugs and arresting them; then the toxicology report comes back negative for drugs.  Now the newspapers are investigating her conduct towards the public.  If she is there to protect us, WHO IS GOING TO PROTECT US FROM HER???

3 responses to “Get a taser shot for asking for a lawyer in a Utah DUI Stop”

  1. Very interesting video. Makes me wonder what rights we as people actually have. It makes me feel like the man should have just complied but then again what are our rights?


  2. This officer should be fired. This guys rights have been violated. Please tell me that he sued the Utah Highway Patrol as well as the officer. Trooper Lisa Steed is a loose cannon and needs to find a different line of work.


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