The Investigation Into Trooper Steed Continues

I have cases ongoing with this Trooper.  She testified in Court that she has received two reprimands.  The Highway Patrol will not turn over that information.  The Court ordered them to do so, and now they are still fighting to keep the information about the Trooper quiet.  

Trooper Lisa Steed is a highly decorated Utah Highway Patrol State Trooper in the State of Utah with a reputation as an outstanding role model among her peers. She has made more DUI arrests than any other trooper in the State of Utah. In 2007, Trooper Lisa Steed was named the Utah Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year. She was the first woman to ever receive this award.

Steed is now, and has been for over a year, under investigation after several complaints of policy and civil rights violations against her. One recent DUI arrest she made has since made national headlines. In November of last year, we wrote about the details of the arrest and the resulting investigation, which you can read about by clicking here:

Attorneys for Theron Alexander, the man arrested by Steed, have since filed motions seeking the records pertaining to their client’s arrest. Attorneys for the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) are fighting to keep the records sealed, stating that a release of the records “would have a chilling effect on the UHP’s ability to perform disciplinary investigations in the future.”

Judge Kourkis of the Third District Court is expected to make his decision regarding Steed in a hearing scheduled for January 17.


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