Step 2: Contact a Lawyer

The next step is to have an evaluation done on your DUI case.  Contact an attorney that specializes in DUI Defense.  We offer a free 30 minute evaluation of your case.  Many people think their case is hopeless.  A lawyer who specializes in DUI Defense has the ability of spotting issues that many people miss.  For example, a client came to me who had hired the family friend lawyer that did not specialize in DUI Defense.  The client’s prior lawyer advised her to plea guilty to a slightly less charge because the toxicology report showed she was over the legal limit of .08.  What the lawyer missed is that it was a urine test, not a blood test.  A urine test is not helpful in showing an amount because of the bacteria in urine.  A Urine test is only useful in saying a substance is present, not a quantitative amount.

There is nothing to lose in spending a little time in allowing your case be evaluated.  After the evaluation you can decide whether to hire the lawyer.

Our process is to have you meet with us in our office so we can get to know you and listen to you.  We explain to you the process, the points in your case that will help your defense, and the path that we should take to defend  your case to get the best possible result.  We explain our fee to you, payment options, and sensitive time frames involved with your case.

Hiring a lawyer that specializes in DUI Defense will most likely be more expensive than a lawyer that does a general law practice.  There is a reason.  The specialist knows how complex these cases are and what goes into them.  Many hours need to be spent on a DUI case.  Motions need to be filed; and the specialist needs to know how to try a DUI case.

There are Ogden DUI Attorneys, Salt Lake DUI Attorneys, and others.  Because of our specialty, we go all over the State.  People hire us to go up to Logan, down to St. George, over to Kanab, Monticello, Vernal, and virtually every corner of the State of Utah.

Questions to ask the Lawyer:

  • How many cases have you taken to trial? (Glen Neeley has taken more than 100 trials to verdict).
  • How many cases to you have?  (You don’t want a dump truck lawyer that has hundred’s of cases that will put minimal time in to your case).
  • How can I contact you?  (We provide a 24 hour phone call service, email, text, and social media to be contacted).
  • How many years have you been in practice?  (Glen Neeley has been doing DUI Defense work since 1998).
  • What training have you had?  (Glen has taken intoxilyzer training, owns his own intoxilyzer and Portable Breath Test, Standard Field Sobriety Test Training and Standard Field Sobriety Test Instructor Training, Drug Recognition Expert Training, ARIDE Training, Toxicology and Gas Chromatography training…virtually all the same training the police and the state expert witnesses are required to participate in.)
  • What Organizations do you belong to?  (Glen is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, the State Delegate, and Board Certified in DUI Defense, Trial Lawyers College Graduate taught by Gerry Spence, National Criminal Defense College Graduate, Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers member and regular Seminar Speaker…and the list goes on). 

One response to “Step 2: Contact a Lawyer”

  1. Great advice. I got pulled over in Arizona and I went to this site to see what my options were. Don’t make the mistake of not contacting a lawyer. Getting proper representation saved me my job.


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