Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

Every justice court and district court in Utah is a little bit different in how they interpret the rules.  Every judge require things that other judges do not.  For example, the Salt Lake City Justice Court judges require a person convicted of  DUI in Utah to take an additional class called the MADD Impact Panel class.  Justice Courts in Ogden and other parts of the state do not require this class.  Some judges will allow home confinement in lieu of jail.  Some judges will not.  Some judges require two days jail, others will allow 48 hours of community service.  Some judges require a costly evaluation done before sentencing, others will simply sentence the day you enter a plea and give order the required prime for life class.  My office is based in Ogden Utah and I am a Ogden DUI Attorney.  However, I practice all over the state and I take the time, and have 15 years experience, that allows me to know the courts, the judges, and the procedures all around the state in any court.  Many people think they should hire a local attorney to “grease the wheels” or hire an attorney that knows the judge and the prosecutor, rather than hire a lawyer that specializes in DUI Defense.  This can be a terrible mistake.  I had this line of thinking.  The problem was that the local attorney got them the best deal they could, but the local attorney did not see the glaring issue that proved that the client was not guilty.  It was a blood case showing positive for a drug that the client had a prescription for and the client was only pulled over for failing to use a turn signal.  There was no impairment and the client had a prescription for the medicine in her system.  WHY plead to anything when the client was legally driving with a legal prescription in her system.  I want to be clear here, you cannot drive with any prescription in your system if you are impaired by the drug to the degree you cannot drive safely.  You can drive if you are not impaired by your prescription drug.  This is what the local attorney that did not specialize in DUI Defense was missing. 

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