Utah DUI Defense: The Law and Practice, Second Edition

The Second Edition of Utah DUI Defense:  The Law and Practice has just come out.  The first edition was released in 2011.    The second edition has been updated with the latest case law, statutes, and strategies in defending DUI’s in Utah.  The book took several DUI-Glen-Neeleyhours of research, editing, and re-writing certain portions.  It has been an exercise of being on top of this specialized area of practice.  One thing I have learned from writing these books is that DUI is not as simple as people would like to thing.  Second, it is an ever changing area of law.  Statutes consistently change every time the legislature get together.  The appellate courts make rulings that change DUI laws.  The Drivers License Division change their policies.  The purpose of the second edition of Utah DUI Defense:  The Law and the Practice is to keep the practitioner up to date on these changes, to assist lawyers in Defending these cases, and to educate the public about the complexity of the law.  The includes an invaluable CD that contains forms, manuals, videos, and examples of things attorneys will need in defending clients accused of DUI.  The book has extensive chapters concerning alcohol DUIs, drug DUIs, metabolite DUIs, and minors and DUIs.  The book discusses breath testing, urine testing, blood testing, and field sobriety testing.  This book was a labor of love for my fellow practitioner defending people accused of DUI in Utah.


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