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  • Appealing your Utah DUI

     Maybe you went out for a nice meal with your spouse and both of you decided to indulge in a glass of wine (or two). When it came time to leave the restaurant, you decided that you were totally fine to drive, despite imbibing alcohol. After all, it was only one glass (or two). There’s no way you […]

  • Get a taser shot for asking for a lawyer in a Utah DUI Stop

      Taser, Should they be used in any old situation?  At first glance, some people are saying the guy should have gotten out of the car.  I’m wondering if this was handled by Trooper Lisa Steed in the best way.  I mean, where is her back up?  Why did this go from him saying I’m […]

  • Salt Lake DUI Arrests have Increased

  • Davis County Utah DUI, “The Scarlet D”

    I received a phone call yesterday from Jesse Fruhwirth, who works for the Standard Examiner newspaper.  I was in the middle of arguing a case before the District Court regarding the illegal search of my client.  "What do you think about the DUI registry in Davis County?", he said.  Did I hear him right?  They […]

  • Utah DUI Restricts Travel to Canada

    There are many hidden consequences of a Utah DUI conviction.  One of those consequences is the inability to enter Canada.  I have had clients, where their case was totally dismissed, and yet they received a lot of grief trying to enter Canada.  According to this web site, you do not even have to be convicted […]