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Utah DUI UHP Trooper Investigated for DUI Arrests

  Channel 2 did a story on Trooper Steed about year and reported on her wrongful arrest of a man that was handicapped.  Once again, they have put the spotlight on her.  There was recently a settlement for a lawsuit

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UHP Trooper Lisa Steed Makes Wrongful Arrest

  This case is very disturbing. The trooper arrested a man with a disability claiming he was DUI.   In 2009, Trooper Lisa Steed reports she made 400 DUI arrests, more than any other trooper in the nation.   The

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Get a taser shot for asking for a lawyer in a Utah DUI Stop

  Taser, Should they be used in any old situation?  At first glance, some people are saying the guy should have gotten out of the car.  I’m wondering if this was handled by Trooper Lisa Steed in the best way.

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