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UHP draw blood for Utah DUI Arrests!

I have had several cases in Farmington, Utah, where the officer will draw blood from the arrested person rather than take him or her to get a breath test.  Is this really a good idea?  I mean, police drawing blood

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MADD wants punishment for drinking drivers, not just Drunk Drivers!

Here is an interesting article about the prohibition of drinking.  Some points that I find interesting are: The person who started MADD feels that the organization has gotten way out of hand and no longer supports the organization. MADD is

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Utah “DUI Blitz”–Justifying the Expense

If the UHP is getting paid for 75 eight-hour overtime shifts to look for drunken drivers,  don’t you think they better find some to justify the cost and expense.  Think about it, they get all this to look for drunken

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Utah DUI Fatalities are the highest in the Country

Utah had the biggest increase of alcohol-related deaths in 2006 and the UHP doesn’t like that.  The UHP blames it on misleading statistics.  Imagine that, the statistics are misleading.  "But before there is a public outcry, Utah Highway Patrol trooper

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DUI Utah–Pleading to an Alcohol Related Reckless Driving

I was stopped by an attorney the other day that told me the Department of Public Safety (DMV) took action on his client’s driver’s license when he plead guilty to an Alcohol Related Reckless (ARR) Driving charge. This perplexed me because

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Intoxilzyer Test–Should I take one?

       I am often asked, “should I take the intoxilyzer test.” There is no easy yes or no answer to this question. If you take the test, you are providing evidence to the government that is difficult to dispute. If you don’t

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Utah DUI Sentencing Aftermath

Here is a story that was in the Standard Examiner regarding issues of violating probation and driving while your license was suspended.  This was published June 13, 2007. What if Paris were in Utah? Local attorneys talk about how DUI

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