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  • Utah DUI Substance Abuse Classes

    I often get calls from people asking where they can get substance abuse counseling when they are being charged with a DUI.  If a person is convicted of a DUI, a person is required to have an evaluation to determine if a treatment is necessary.  I don’t think I have ever had a client convicted […]

  • Police in Utah DUI arrests only ask for One Test

        A couple of years ago I attended the Indiana University Borkenstein Course. This is a course that Utah Breath Test technicians are required to take to qualify for their job as technicians. The taxpayer spends a lot of money on these people to take this course. The course is taught by the top scientists […]

  • Should I plead to a Metabolite DUI?

    I was discussing a case with a prosecutor today.  He made the offer that my client plead to Driving with a Measurable Amount of a Controlled Substance in his system.  This is basically the same thing as a DUI, except the prosecution does not have to prove any impairment or level whatsoever.  The only thing […]

  • Police Get DUIs in Utah???

    The Police are making arrests for DUIs.  A story broke today about 30 officers being disciplined.  Many of the disciplined officers were involved in sexual misconduct.  However, I was shocked to see a few of them were officers convicted of DUI or Alcohol Related offenses.  One of the officer’s was the the poster child for […]

  • Arrested for DUI in Clearfield Utah?

    Many of my clients get arrested right after leaving Bogey’s.  The police seem to drive around the club between 11:00 p.m. to closing time waiting for people to leave.  The officers will then following the citizen until the person commits a minor traffic citation.  The officers then pull them over, ask how much alcohol was […]

  • Utah DUI Charge or just talking on your cell phone?

    The first thing an officer will look at when they are "hunting" for a DUI in Utah is the driving pattern.  I have had numerous cases where the officer describes somewhat of a driving pattern in states my client swerves or weaves a couple of times.  Many times, my clients will tell me they were […]

  • New Years Utah DUI Blitz

    Fox 13 reported on December 31, 2007, about the DUI Blitz and checkpoints that were going to happen around the state for New Years Eve parties.  The UHP was on the "hunt" as they have called it in the past.  Many different agencies provided free shuttle service to and from bars.  I like looking for […]

  • Is Sentencing fair in Utah DUI cases?

    I went to a sentencing hearing today.  My client was found Not Guilty of felony DUI at trial.  He was found guilty of interfering with an arrest.  At sentencing, the state jumps up and down "WE WANT JAIL!"  The  interfering with arrest charge was a minor issue in the case.  Most people get that charge […]

  • Utah DUI Field Sobriety Tricks

    A DUI specialist from Lubbock Texas, Stephen Hamilton, wrote this interesting article about Field Sobriety Tricks.  He ended up with a case where the officer admits that that these tests are tricks.  The officer tells the citizen accused that these tests "are just part of the part of the field sobriety tricks."  Mr. Hamilton even […]

  • Arrested for Utah DUI!

    So you have been arrested for a DUI in Utah.  You are embarrassed, mad, depressed, and wondering what happens next.  This is an overview of the what the process when you are arrested for a DUI in Utah.  Arraignment:  The Court schedules an initial appearance.  This is a gray area.  Sometimes  you need to call […]