Intoxilyzer Breath Guesser Manufacturer is in Contempt

On August 12, 2007, I wrote a little bit about the Source Code that the manufacturer is refusing to let anyone see.   A Defendant has a right to see and challenge the evidence against him or her.   This issue is being heavily litigated in Florida.  Apparently, CMI Inc., the manufacturer, said we are not providing the source code and we are going to disobey a court order to produce the source code.  Click this link to see the order.

The highlight of the order is that CMI is being fined $3200 for every day they do not comply with the order.

Makes you wonder what are they hiding.  Is their multi-million dollar company going to be exposed as convicting innocent people?  Again, it sure seems odd that people who swear up and down that they had very little to drink fail the breath test in a big way with really high numbers.

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