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  • What is a Utah Board Certified DUI Defense Attorney

    Many people ask me what is a board certified DUI Defense Attorney.  In the above video, I explain the qualifications of becoming a Board Certified DUI Defense Attorney.  Further, the requirements can be found at the National College of DUI Defense Web page.          

  • May I help you with your DUI in Utah?

     Is it worth it to hire an attorney for a DUI?  This is one of the most common questions I get asked.  "I mean really, what can you do for me?  If I’m just going to get convicted anyway, why pay a lawyer?"  My answer is simple, "Yes! You need a lawyer."  No matter how […]

  • Top Criminal Law Blog recognized Utah DUI Attorney Law Blog ( as one of the top criminal law blogs on the net.  The ranking seems to be alphabetized, rather than a rank of the best to worse.  The link is seems like a site that reports on current legal issues, items in the news, and seems […]

  • The Innocent Accused

      I saw this story in the Salt Lake Tribune the other day.  The man caused an accident that killed another man.  It was an "accident."  A so called "expert cop trained to spot impaired drivers" accused this man of being under the influence of a central nervous system depressant.  The man was jailed for […]

  • Assumed Guilt by Association by Salt Lake City Police; DUI Dismissed

    My client goes to a man’s residence to look at a car that the man has for sale.  Client briefly looks at the car and prepares to leave.  He gets in his own car.  He starts the car.  Two cops in an unmarked police car rush up with red and blue lights on.  Cops take […]

  • Utah DUI Lawyer: Hiring a General Practitioner to do Heart Surgery

    "What makes you different from other lawyers?  Why should I hire you?"  These are some of the most common questions I get from a citizen that has just been accused of a DUI.  The simple answer… it is the difference between hiring a general practitioner doctor and a heart surgeon to do the surgery on […]

  • Utah DUI’s and Suppression Hearings

    Many times, after being hired, I get the reports, the video, and any other evidence I can gather.  I then look at that evidence to determine if there is a way to get the case dismissed as quickly as possible without going to trial.  If I see an issue, I file a motion to suppress […]

  • Utah DUI–Fourth Amendment is Still Alive!

    I found an interesting article this afternoon.  It was really interesting to me because it was my case.  This case was first heard in the North Logan Justice Court.  The judge in that Court heard the exact same evidence but ruled that the officers had reasonable suspicion.   I didn’t agree with the judge’s decision so […]

  • Follow UP to Officer’s getting their own Utah DUIs!

    So here is a follow up on the story from yesterday.  The interesting thing about this case is that the officer was never found guilty of DUI.  However, his department presumed him guilty and fired him anyway.  It’s interesting that the police don’t even respect the sacred presumption of innocence even when dealing with their […]

  • Police Get DUIs in Utah???

    The Police are making arrests for DUIs.  A story broke today about 30 officers being disciplined.  Many of the disciplined officers were involved in sexual misconduct.  However, I was shocked to see a few of them were officers convicted of DUI or Alcohol Related offenses.  One of the officer’s was the the poster child for […]