Driving Permits after cited for DUI

Most, if not all, of my clients ask me when they come in for a consultation, "if my driver’s license gets suspended, can I get a work permit?" 

Answer:  No, not in Utah.

The Department of Motor Vehicles will not issue a work permit.  I have only seen one in my years of practicing law and the client was not supposed to get it.  It was rare.  It was a mistake on the part of the DMV and the license suspension was not related to a DUI.

Utah’s Law:  Utah has no provisions for a work permit.  My friends in Texas can get a "needs necessity license" that allows people to go to and from work and to conduct visitation with children.  Utah has no such license.  If your license gets revoked or suspended, and you get caught driving on that suspension, you not only face more criminal charges, but the DMV will extend the suspension.

Alternate Transportation:  My advice is to find alternate transportation.  I know what you are thinking, "the bus doesn’t work for me."  Do some creative thinking.  If I was in high school and had no money, I would have been happy to drive someone around for a small cost.  Hire a driver.  Find someone who has no job, but has a driver’s license.  Put them to work.  That way, there is no risk for you on the suspension Issue.

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