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  • What happens if I get a DUI in Utah, but my license is from out of State?

    If you get a DUI from another state, and have a Utah Drivers License, Utah will suspend your license as if the DUI conviction occurred in Utah.  Many states have similar laws.  My friend, Evan Levow, from New Jersery, compiled a database from most states.  While his information looks correct, it is always best to […]

  • Court Ordered Ignition Interlock Device

     A man’s DUI charge was reduced to Impaired Driving.  Impaired driving will prevent loss of license or reduce a license suspension on a first offense (if the person did not refuse a chemical test).  An ignition interlock device is not normally required either.  However, if a person pleads to an impaired driving, and as part […]

  • Step 1: Request a Driver’s License Hearing after arrested for DUI In Utah

    The first step in any arrest for DUI is requesting a Driver License Hearing.  Many people want to bury their head in the sand after an arrest occurs.  They don’t want to think about, take some time to process what just happened.  They hear the officer spew words about contacting the Court no earlier than […]

  • Utah DUI Driver License Suspensions and Ignition Interlock

      A lawyer called me the other day about an ignition interlock law that came into effect July 2012. The essential facts concerning the case is that the citizen was arrested for DUI and plead to a reduced charge of Impaired.  He refused a breath test.  The refusal triggered an 18 month suspension/revocation of his […]

  • Requesting a Drivers License Hearing when arrested for a Utah DUI

      You have 10 days to Request a Driver’s License Hearing from the date of arrest!!!  This form must be sent to the Drivers License Division with 10 days.

  • Driving Permits after cited for DUI

    Most, if not all, of my clients ask me when they come in for a consultation, "if my driver’s license gets suspended, can I get a work permit?"  Answer:  No, not in Utah. The Department of Motor Vehicles will not issue a work permit.  I have only seen one in my years of practicing law […]

  • DUI Utah–Pleading to an Alcohol Related Reckless Driving

    I was stopped by an attorney the other day that told me the Department of Public Safety (DMV) took action on his client’s driver’s license when he plead guilty to an Alcohol Related Reckless (ARR) Driving charge. This perplexed me because I watched the laws closely this last legislative session and did not see any law […]

  • Utah DUI–Appealing the Driver’s License Suspension

    After the informal administrative driver’s license hearing is held and the DMV mails out notice that the citizen’s driver’s license will be suspended, there are a couple of procedures that need to be followed in appealing the DMV’s decision. The following is an outline of the process and procedures that I follow to file an appeal. I […]

  • Utah DUI Driver’s License Hearings by Telephone

    Jamie Spencer from Austin Texas wrote about ALR hearings and discussed the issue of whether your attorney should do the hearing live in person or by telephone. For a Utah DUI driver’s license suspension hearing, we have the option of showing up in person or by telephone. However, the Utah Driver’s License Division has recently negated in […]

  • Utah DUI–Saving Your Driver’s License

    If you are arrested for DUI, one of the first things you have to deal with is your license. Normally, an officer will take your Utah driver’s license and issue you a citation. That citation will tell most people that the citation acts as a driver’s license for 29 days. In small print at the bottom of that […]