Utah DUI Charges–18 Troopers, 18 Arrest

This past weekend, 18 Utah Highway Patrol Troopers made 18 arrests people for DUI.  100 cars were pulled over according to the article in the Deseret Morning News.  Here we go again, officers look for any reason they can to pull a citizen over to check them for alcohol.  The motive is wrong even though the outcome is legal.  119 vehicles were stopped.  Trooper Cameron Roden justifies the "harassment" patrol by saying that they are trying to interdict where they can. 

DUI crackdown nets 18 arrests
Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007 12:08 a.m. MST
A drunken-driving sweep conducted over the weekend by the Utah Highway Patrol resulted in more than 100 cars being stopped and 18 people going to jail on suspicion of DUI.

The UHP said it had 18 troopers on duty as part of a drunken-driving crackdown, resulting in 119 vehicles being stopped. Of those, 18 were arrested for driving under the influence.

"We’re trying to interdict where we can," UHP Trooper Cameron Roden said Monday.

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