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  • Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

    As the New Year approaches for 2014, troopers, sheriffs, unified police, and local city police will be saturating the state in an effort to arrest people for DUI.  There is always a big concentration in Salt Lake City.  As an attorney, these saturation patrols concern me.  Corners get cut by the police and innocent people […]

  • Not Supposed to be Illegal to Drive Under the Influence in Utah!

    This article came out today wherein there is going to be a crack down on impaired drivers in the Zion’s Utah area.  Notice the quote from  Zion Superintendent Jock Whitworth on the last line.  “Our message is simple and unwavering – if you are found driving while under the influence, you will be arrested. No exceptions,” […]

  • DUI Checkpoint Under Scrutiny

     A controversial DUI checkpoint for drivers in Escondido, CA is now the subject of a court case. According to driver Angel Navarrette and passenger Daniel Alfaro, a heated exchange took place at that checkpoint, resulting in their arrest for resisting a police officer. Dashcam video of the incident shows the police officer threatening to break […]

  • Fourth of July Utah DUI Round Up

     Fourth of July, Independence Day, is a DUI Defense Attorney’s busy time of the years.  Statewide law enforcement will be out looking to accuse citizens of DUI.  So as a reminder, first and foremost, do not drink then drive.  As an attorney in Utah, my advise to anyone who drinks or uses prescription medications, do […]

  • Memorial Day 2009 Utah DUI Round-Up

     Law enforcement saturated the state campaigning with threats of checkpoints and pullovers for minor offenses to search citizens for alcohol.  I wonder what prohibition was like.  See here is the big lie.  The campaign slogan is "click it or ticket."  What our government is not telling you is the that a seat belt violation is […]

  • What do you think about Utah Field Sobriety Checkpoints?

    I saw this site on the internet that asked the question, "What do you think about DUI Check Points?"  The comments were interesting and people were pretty evenly split among for and against. The interesting response that was common among these people was "I don’t mind going through a checkpoint if it will just get […]

  • The Utah Highway Patrol made their Quota in Making DUI Arrests

    The Utah Highway Patrol had 22 officers out on the weekend and made 24 DUI arrests.  They made and exceeded their quota.  The DUI Blitz is the modern DUI check point.  Check points are generally unconstitutional unless rigorous guidelines are followed.  The police don’t do checkpoints very often anymore.  I wonder why?  Perhaps there is […]

  • Utah Highway Patrol Has Quotas to Make DUI Arrests

    Its Memorial Day weekend for 2008.  Troopers have often claimed in the newspapers and in open court that there are no quotas to make arrests.  In this story below, Trooper Cameron Roden tells the news reports that the troopers are encouraged to average at least one DUI arrest per officer involved in the DUI Blitz.  […]

  • UHP Seem Disappointed in only 6 Utah DUI Arrests

    Here is a follow up to the New Years Eve post where the there were car dealerships paying cops to arrest Salt Lake City and Provo City DUI suspects.  Many police worked overtime and many resources were pulled in for this cause.  All the sponsored money, all the overtime paid, and all the resources used […]

  • New Years Utah DUI Blitz

    Fox 13 reported on December 31, 2007, about the DUI Blitz and checkpoints that were going to happen around the state for New Years Eve parties.  The UHP was on the "hunt" as they have called it in the past.  Many different agencies provided free shuttle service to and from bars.  I like looking for […]