Utah DUI Field Sobriety Tricks

A DUI specialist from Lubbock Texas, Stephen Hamilton, wrote this interesting article about Field Sobriety Tricks.  He ended up with a case where the officer admits that that these tests are tricks.  The officer tells the citizen accused that these tests "are just part of the part of the field sobriety tricks."  Mr. Hamilton even shows you the small video clip.  It’s worth checking out.

There are many posts that that talk about these tests.  They are designed to make the accused fail.  If you do not understand each and every instruction and do each part of the exercises perfectly, you could find yourself defending yourself from a DUI charge.

I see people all the time that fail these tests for reasons other than alcohol.  Maybe they have a physical problem that prevents them from being perfect on the tests.  Maybe they are just tired.  Maybe they lack the coordination.  Whatever the reason, innocent people fail these tests all the time.  Maybe in reality, the officer sees what he wants to see.  I had a UHP trooper admit to me that the UHP gives awards for the trooper who makes the most DUI arrests in one year.  Great motivation.

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