DUI Field Sobriety Video Has Some Value

A couple of  years ago, a video appeared on the internet which is shown below.  This has some good entertainment value and people snickered as they watched.  The movie was passed through emails and links all around the web.  Some believed this incident was real.  While it was a staged act, the point is well taken.

    First, imagine yourself doing these tests.  While exaggerated, this little clip goes to show the reality.  The officers will have you keep doing tests until they can write enough things down to be able to say you are drunk.

    Second, this little clip goes to show why people should not speak.  The man’s own admission is what makes the case hard to defend.  We see Miranda rights on TV.   We know we should not speak.  Yet, we all think we are going to talk our way of trouble.  It just doesn’t happen like that.

    Third, this clip shows everyone has different abilities.  How can balance tests in any way related to driving.  We are all different.  My child can do a back-bend.  I cannot.  Does that mean I must be impaired because I can’t do the tests.  Just something to consider.

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