Utah DUI Lawyer: Hiring a General Practitioner to do Heart Surgery

"What makes you different from other lawyers?  Why should I hire you?"  These are some of the most common questions I get from a citizen that has just been accused of a DUI.  The simple answer… it is the difference between hiring a general practitioner doctor and a heart surgeon to do the surgery on a person’s heart.  The heart surgeon cannot guarantee that he will succeed, but a patient will certainly increase the chances of having the best care and knowledge available for the surgery.

Justin McShane, one of the top rated attorneys in the nation wrote about this exact subject.  I have known Justin for a couple of years now.  He is a specialist in the practice of DUI Defense in Pennsylvania.  He writes:

"If you have a minor issue, go see a general practitioner. If you have a serious legal issue like a DUI you need to see a specialist. We have discussed at length the various consequences stemming from a DUI conviction. Not only could you be facing, jail time and suspension of your driving license if convicted, you could also lose your job, your occupational license, insurance, and face other stiff financial liabilities. For most of the clients we represent, the DUI charges they were facing, were the most serious legal issue they had or will face in their entire lives. Many of them didn’t realize how serious the consequences were until they sat down with us for a consultation.

So just as you would got to a heart specialist when facing serious heart problems, you should find a qualified DUI specialist when facing a serious legal issue like a DUI charge. At that point, an attorney who "also deals with DUI" just doesn’t cut it. You need to see a highly trained, qualified lawyer who specializes in DUI and knows about all of the complex legal, procedural, administrative, medical, and scientific issues that are involved in these cases. "

I agree with Justin completely.  I get questions for divorce, and I refer the questions to a specialist in family law.  If I get a question for estate planning, I refer those questions to an estate planning attorney. The list goes on.  A lawyer with a license to practice law does not mean the lawyer is competent to practice all law.  A lawyer that specializes in a particular area is the lawyer that serves the client with the most care and knowledge.   


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