Top Criminal Law Blog recognized Utah DUI Attorney Law Blog ( as one of the top criminal law blogs on the net.  The ranking seems to be alphabetized, rather than a rank of the best to worse.  The link is seems like a site that reports on current legal issues, items in the news, and seems to help people find competent lawyers.

The site does not just focus on criminal law, but seems to focus on many areas of law including malpractice, criminal law, divorce, civil, bankruptcy, tax, and many more areas.  It seems to be a good place to start.



10 responses to “Top Criminal Law Blog”

  1. “We should never drink and drive, but I still like to know where checkpoints
    will be in Orange County, San Diego, and LA. I may use calcheckpoint
    ( to find out where they are.”


  2. Criminal law, or penal law, is the bodies of rules with the potential for severe impositions as punishment for failure to comply. Criminal punishment, depending on the offense and jurisdiction, may include execution, loss of liberty, government supervision (parole or probation), or fines



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