Woman Sentenced To Three Years in Prison for Fatal DUI Accident

 Mykhaylo Meshko was a 50-year-old immigrant from Russia, who was killed in Hanover Township, Illinois, on his drive home from work at a local bakery. Meshko was yet another unfortunate victim of a drunk driving accident that landed the driver, Kirra McPeek anywhere from three to six years in prison.

According to news reports, McPeek was driving on the wrong side of the road at the time of the accident, a head-on collision with Meshko that killed him instantly and injured the one other passenger in the vehicle. McPeek was apparently just coming from a bar, where she had over ten drinks, about one third of a mile from the crime scene.

During the court proceedings, McPeek’s defense attorney noted that his client had never been in trouble before. She was an all-around good person, had gainful employment, and was the caretaker for her elderly grandmother. She accepted full responsibility for the accident, even enrolling in counseling immediately following the accident. News reports state that McPeek cried openly and expressed remorse to the widow of her innocent victim.

This story goes to show that even good people can make mistakes. Do not allow yourself fall prey to a situation similar to McPeek’s by driving drunk. However, if you are arrested for DUI, seek out an experienced attorney to serve as your advocate. Contact experienced, Board Certified DUI attorney Glen Neeley for your free DUI case evaluation today.

Source: http://citizensvoice.com/news/w-b-woman-gets-three-to-six-years-for-fatal-dui-accident-1.1163116?localLinksEnabled=false#ixzz1PXrYgeEl

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