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  • What will happen to me at Sentencing for a Utah DUI?

     Every case is different, every prosecutor is different, and every judge is different.  However, Utah has developed the "Utah DUI Sentencing Matrix" as a guide for judges in sentencing a DUI defendant.  Most judges will follow pretty close to the guidelines with minor exceptions.  Driver license suspensions are rarely ordered by the court because the […]

  • Woman Sentenced To Three Years in Prison for Fatal DUI Accident

     Mykhaylo Meshko was a 50-year-old immigrant from Russia, who was killed in Hanover Township, Illinois, on his drive home from work at a local bakery. Meshko was yet another unfortunate victim of a drunk driving accident that landed the driver, Kirra McPeek anywhere from three to six years in prison. According to news reports, McPeek […]

  • New Utah Expungement Law

      New laws came into effect regarding expungements.  The eligibility requirements have changed to the detriment of many.  To be eligible for expungement, the case has to be dismissed with prejudiced, meaning it cannot every be filed again.  Rarely, is a case dismissed with prejudice.  So it used to be that if a case was […]

  • Utah DUI Ignition Interlock Devices

    For a first time offense of DUI, normally the Courts will not impose an ignition interlock device requirement unless the person’s breath/blood alcohol content is at or over a .16.  If there is a subsequent offense, the ignition interlock is mandatory.  A person can be required to install the ignition interlock device if they are […]

  • Utah DUIs, Face Book, and My Space

    A friend of mine, an attorney, told me about a case where he went to sentencing with his client.  The friend argued to the judge that his client is not a party animal and that this was a one time mistake.  When he was done, the prosecutor stood up with printed photos from the client’s […]

  • Utah DUI and Ignition Interlock Devices

    If a person is convicted of a DUI and the breath test was over a .16, most courts will require the person to put an ignition interlock device on any car they own and any car they drive. If a person has more than one conviction within 10 years, it is mandatory by state law […]

  • Utah DUI Substance Abuse Classes

    I often get calls from people asking where they can get substance abuse counseling when they are being charged with a DUI.  If a person is convicted of a DUI, a person is required to have an evaluation to determine if a treatment is necessary.  I don’t think I have ever had a client convicted […]

  • Utah Justice Courts

    I found this article in the Ogden Standard Examiner.  The opinion of the writer is one that I have heard many times.  I see what the writer is talking about quite often in reference to "overly aggressive" prosecutions.  We don’t seem to care what happens to people incarcerated, at least, until one of our loved […]

  • How much can a DUI in Utah cost?

    DUI’s Cost a lot.  Even if you are not guilty and found not guilty, they cost a lot.  The prosecutors and police officer’s know this.  I had a prosecutor tell me that they would rather try the case and lose, than to dismiss a case against a man whose breath alcohol level was .06, which […]

  • Is Sentencing fair in Utah DUI cases?

    I went to a sentencing hearing today.  My client was found Not Guilty of felony DUI at trial.  He was found guilty of interfering with an arrest.  At sentencing, the state jumps up and down "WE WANT JAIL!"  The  interfering with arrest charge was a minor issue in the case.  Most people get that charge […]