Fourth of July Utah DUI Round Up

 Fourth of July, Independence Day, is a DUI Defense Attorney’s busy time of the years.  Statewide law enforcement will be out looking to accuse citizens of DUI.  So as a reminder, first and foremost, do not drink then drive.  As an attorney in Utah, my advise to anyone who drinks or uses prescription medications, do not get behind the wheel of a car.  The risk is too great.  It is my opinion, an officers take exception to this opinion, that if an officer smells alcohol, you will be arrested for DUI.  Then you will be defending the accusation of DUI.  If you are pulled over by an officer remember these steps:

1.  Be polite, but don’t let the officer intimidate you.

2.  Do not answer any questions other than your name and essential information.

3.  Exercise your right to remain silent.

4.  Politely tell the officer you will not be taking any field sobriety tests, if asked.

5.  Request a lawyer several times.

6.  If you refuse a chemical test, your license can be suspended for up to 3 years.

7.  Do not believe that you can prove to the officer that you are sober.

8.  Do not believe that you can talk your way out of a DUI.

9.  If arrested, contact a DUI Defense attorney as soon as you are able.

10.  Remember, you only have 10 days after an arrest to request a drivers license hearing.

With these steps in mind, have a safe weekend.  Zions and other places are publicizing that if you drink and drive, the police will be there to get you.  This article from the Salt Lake Tribune talks more about it.

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