Utah DUI Defense: The Law and Practice

Over the past year and a half, I have worked tireless on becoming an author.  So here it is released yesterday.  Over half the books in stock are gone.  In conjunction with AZ premier DUI Defense Attorney James Nesci and premier Utah DUI Defense Attorney Jason Schatz, 458 pages are done along with an extraordinary DVD that has all the Field Sobriety Test Manuals, DRE Manuals, and the studies that go behind the manuals. This book is more of a lawyers guide on how to represent citizens in DUI cases from the first contact through trial and appeal. It covers everything from driver’s license hearings, suppression hearings, and trial. It comes with example cross examinations and direct examinations. The hardest part of doing the book was in fact sudden law changes. The law changes were not too drastic this year, but there were some. I want to thank those who helped me with the book including my co-authors and UACDL members that provided input and research. If you are interested in the book, you can purchase it from Lawyers and Judges Publishing at this link.

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