Not Supposed to be Illegal to Drive Under the Influence in Utah!

This article came out today wherein there is going to be a crack down on impaired drivers in the Zion’s Utah area.  Notice the quote from  Zion Superintendent Jock Whitworth on the last line.  “Our message is simple and unwavering – if you are found driving while under the influence, you will be arrested. No exceptions,”  That’s the problem.  It is not illegal to drive under the influence. Cops believe this.  The government wants you to believe this.  The government announces in this article that there are "no exceptions."   REALLY.  The law allows a person to drive while under the influence.  You just cannot drive while under the influence "to the degree you cannot safely operate a vehicle."  Mr. Whitworth forgot that part.  He has no exceptions.  He is going to arrest you no matter what.  It’s just like the big lie the government put on billboards last year…"You Drink, You Drive, You go to Jail."   This is the police attitude, but it is not the law.  If anyone gets arrested for just being "under the influence", please call an experienced DUI Defense Attorney like myself who loves to fight these cases.

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