Utah DUI and SR22 Insurance

There is an incorrect assumption out there that if you get a DUI, you are required to carry SR22 high risk insurance.  NOT TRUE.  Utah did not jump on that bandwagon, yet!  SR22 Insurance is only required in the state of Utah if a person is convicted of not having insurance.  Guest Blogger Dave B.G. wrote an article about this to help people understand the ins and outs of SR22 Insurance. 

Understanding the SR22 Insurance Regulations for Utah


When it comes to carrying SR22 insurance, you may or may not be aware of the fact that the regulations and guidelines for this insurance can vary from state to state. SR22 is a type of insurance a driver carries when he or she is considered high risk or has been required to carry this type of policy. If a driver stops carrying this insurance prior to the time mandated, they will be in danger of losing their license.

A Utah driver may be required to carry SR22 insurance if:

  • A driver is caught driving with no auto insurance policy in place

In Utah, as with other states, there are three different types of SR22 insurance a driver can carry:

1.     SR22 for Utah drivers who will be driving their own vehicle

2.     SR22 for Utah drivers who will be driving a vehicle that belongs to someone else

3.     SR22 for Utah drivers who will be driving either of the above.

The SR22 Process for Utah Drivers


There are steps to the SR22 process that must be followed before a driver’s license is reissued and the driver is permitted to drive again.

ðThe driver compares rates for insurance companies that offer SR22

ðFor the state of Utah, the minimum coverage drivers must have for their SR22 policy is $3,000 for personal injury protection, $25,000 for injury or fatality of another, $65,000 for injury or fatality of more than one person and $15,000 for property damage

ðOnce the policy is in place, the insurance company sends the SR22 to the Utah State Department of Motor Vehicles to request approval

ðUsually the driver will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection within a 30-day period

ðIf the Utah driver gets accepted, his or her driver’s license will be reinstated

ðFor the state of Utah, the driver is required to maintain SR22 insurance for a minimum of three years

ðFailure to keep the SR22 policy current can result in the driver’s license being revoked. Insurance companies are required by law to inform the Utah DMV should there be a lapse in the drivers insurance. The State will then usually revoke the license until an SR22 policy is put back in place.

Keep in mind that although Delaware, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Mexico, Minnesota and Ohio do not require SR22 policies, if you move from Utah when required to have SR22 insurance, you will still have to maintain this type of policy wherever you move.



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