Utah DUI Survival Guide: A Citizen’s Protection Manual

 If you live a life style of going to a club or bar, even occasionally, you need to read this book.  I authored this book with nationwide known attorney’s Bruce Edge and John Hunsucker.  The people who have read it has told me that “anyone who drinks alcohol needs to read this book.”

The book describes what you can do to prevent getting a DUI in Utah and tells you how to help your case if you already have a DUI in Utah.  It goes through the license ramifications, court consequences, and how your case should be handled.  The table of contents outlines 25 topics that deal with many aspects of a DUI such as the intoxilyzer, CDL Licenses, Field Sobriety Tests, Blood Tests, Boating Under the Influence, Prescription DUI, DUI Mistakes, and Utah DUI Laws.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the this book, it is only $12, which includes shipping and handling.  Please send me an email and go to my paypal button to purchase a copy.

2 responses to “Utah DUI Survival Guide: A Citizen’s Protection Manual”

  1. An excellent resource for any driver, regardless of whether you believe you’re at risk for DUI or not. Information is power, and it’s important to know everything you can to stay safe and make responsible choices. A good DUI attorney Newport KY or wherever you live is always wise to have on hand as well. Thanks for posting this!


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