What will happen to me at Sentencing for a Utah DUI?

 Every case is different, every prosecutor is different, and every judge is different.  However, Utah has developed the "Utah DUI Sentencing Matrix" as a guide for judges in sentencing a DUI defendant.  Most judges will follow pretty close to the guidelines with minor exceptions.  Driver license suspensions are rarely ordered by the court because the Driver License Division will administratively take care of the suspensions, alcohol restrictions, and ignition interlock issues.  This can be a pitfall for defendants and attorneys that do not understand this action by the Driver License Division.  Often times, people will call me and say "the Court never said anything about suspending my license or an ignition interlock device."  The problem is that the Court leaves that up to the Driver License Division.  In fact, I have heard Courts try to advise people of these consequences and advise in error.

The other thing the matrix is not clear on is that your total fine will be comprised of the fine, a surcharge, and a court security fee.  

The 2012 Matrix is found here.

Or press here.www.utahduilawblog.com/uploads/file/2012 DUI Sentencing Matrix.pdf

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