Court Ordered Ignition Interlock Device

 A man’s DUI charge was reduced to Impaired Driving.  Impaired driving will prevent loss of license or reduce a license suspension on a first offense (if the person did not refuse a chemical test).  An ignition interlock device is not normally required either.  However, if a person pleads to an impaired driving, and as part of the plea agreement, he has to install the device on his car for a period of time, then the person’s license is suspended until the device is installed on the vehicle.  No matter how fast the ignition interlock is installed, the person still has to pay a reinstatement fee (currently $30) to the Drivers License Division.  Oddly enough, even if the license was never suspended because the person had the installation done before the suspension occurred, the person still has to pay the reinstatement fee ($30), even though there was nothing to reinstate.  Sounds like another way to generate revenue without justification.

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