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  • DUI Utah Highway Patrol Trooper found not Credible by Two Different District Court Judges

       I was interviewed by Chris Vanocur, ABC Channel 4 News the day before Judge Kouris announced that the Trooper had no credibility and dismissed the case that Trooper Steed was the arresting officer.  The case was about whether Trooper Steed had a legal reason to pull over the citizen in the case.  She said […]

  • Utah DUI Checkpoints Violates the Search and Seizure Protections

    I was interviewed by a paper in St. George Utah.  A guest writer Brittany Stoker wrote the following for my Blog.  According to current law, police officers are prohibited from pulling people over unless there is a reason for them to suspect that a person is breaking the law (reasonable suspicion). However, there is one […]

  • UHP Less than Truthful about Utah DUI Officer

    Chris Jones from Channel 2 News Utah interviewed me about the UHP’s handling of Trooper Steed’s misdeeds.  In 2010, Channel interviewed me and UHP.  UHP told Channel 2 if Channel 2 was to pull other arrests that Trooper Steed was involved in, no misdeeds would be found.  Channel 2 then received two letters of reprimand […]

  • The Investigation Into Trooper Steed Continues

    I have cases ongoing with this Trooper.  She testified in Court that she has received two reprimands.  The Highway Patrol will not turn over that information.  The Court ordered them to do so, and now they are still fighting to keep the information about the Trooper quiet.   Trooper Lisa Steed is a highly decorated […]

  • Utah DUI UHP Trooper Investigated for DUI Arrests

      Channel 2 did a story on Trooper Steed about year and reported on her wrongful arrest of a man that was handicapped.  Once again, they have put the spotlight on her.  There was recently a settlement for a lawsuit filed against her when she consistently Tasered a man sitting in his car asking for […]

  • Man Sentenced To 25 Years in Prison for Fatal Utah DUI Crash

     John Bishop is a 37-year-old man from Salt Lake City, Utah, who will spend the next 25 years of his life in prison for his role as driver in a crash that took place on April Fool’s Day of last year. The accident killed a 26-year-old passenger in the car at the time, and injured […]

  • Officer Gets own DUI

     Florida Police Officer Charged With DUI The following article just goes to show that sometimes, even police officers make mistakes.  In Miami Beach, Florida, recently, two police officers were interacting with five women who were reportedly attending a bachelorette party. The police officers, who were in uniform at the time of the incident, were seen […]

  • DUI Runs in the Family?

     Mother and Daughter Charged With DUI within Minutes of Each Other Researchers have known for years that there is a link between alcoholism and a person’s genetics. In other words, a person’s genetics determine to some degree how likely they themselves are to be victims of alcoholism. For quite a few years, researchers have been […]

  • Pennsylvania Man Faces DUI Charges in Fatal Crash

    45-year-old Matthew McNamara has been charged in connection with an accident that killed a woman and left her three children hurt in Caernarvon Township, Pennsylvania. McNamara is charged with driving without a license and homicide by vehicle, and faces charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, a felony, and two counts of […]