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  • How much can a DUI in Utah cost?

    DUI’s Cost a lot.  Even if you are not guilty and found not guilty, they cost a lot.  The prosecutors and police officer’s know this.  I had a prosecutor tell me that they would rather try the case and lose, than to dismiss a case against a man whose breath alcohol level was .06, which […]

  • New Years Utah DUI Blitz

    Fox 13 reported on December 31, 2007, about the DUI Blitz and checkpoints that were going to happen around the state for New Years Eve parties.  The UHP was on the "hunt" as they have called it in the past.  Many different agencies provided free shuttle service to and from bars.  I like looking for […]

  • Utah DUI Field Sobriety Tricks

    A DUI specialist from Lubbock Texas, Stephen Hamilton, wrote this interesting article about Field Sobriety Tricks.  He ended up with a case where the officer admits that that these tests are tricks.  The officer tells the citizen accused that these tests "are just part of the part of the field sobriety tricks."  Mr. Hamilton even […]

  • Utah DUI Charges–18 Troopers, 18 Arrest

    This past weekend, 18 Utah Highway Patrol Troopers made 18 arrests people for DUI.  100 cars were pulled over according to the article in the Deseret Morning News.  Here we go again, officers look for any reason they can to pull a citizen over to check them for alcohol.  The motive is wrong even though […]

  • Utah DUI Attorney

    The question that was presented to me the other day was, "Why should I hire a Utah DUI Attorney, rather than an attorney that does all sorts of cases?"  I responded, with a question, "If you needed brain surgery, would you go to a general practitioner?"  Defending DUI has become a specialty that takes years […]