Utah DUI and Bail Bonds

 When a person is arrested in Utah for DUI and taken to jail, many things can happen.  A person can be ordered bail, usually in the range of $1500 to $2500 depending on additional charges for a first offense, or sometimes they are released on their own recognizance (meaning the jail has determined the person has enough ties to the community that bail will not be required).  

The latest Court Fine and Bail Schedule is located here.  It is deceiving in some respects.  A fine is a fine, but then there is a 90% surcharge added to the fine. 

If bail is set, you pay the full amount of the bail, or you can pay a bail bond of 10% of the bail.  I asked Joshua Massey of Massey’s Bail Bonds to do a guest article to describe this process.

   Massey’s Bail Bonds is a Full service bail bond firm that provides assistance at the first moment when your family or friends are in need. When arrested or charged with a crime, have a family member or friend calls us. They will speak directly to a 24/7 professional knowledgeable bail bond agent. First, we will let you know the jail’s address and number where your friend or family member is being taken. Once you have been, booked Massey’s will notify the family or friend of the charges, and the amount of bail. In some cases, depending on county jail, there is an inmate roster available which will direct your family or friend to us at this web address.  Now that all parties involved know the address, telephone number to the jail, charges, and bail amount, the next step is to process with the bail bond application to get approval to post a bond.

A brief run down on a bond is as follows:

  • A bondsman posts a bond to the jail for the principle amount of the bail.
  • The jail forwards that bond to the court where the court holds the bond in trust for the principle amount of the bail.
  • A bondsman charges a 10% mandated state required fee to post the bond & either collateral(House, Car, Credit Card Promise) or a signature from someone with good credit, and/or job history to guarantee the principle bail.
  • The principal bail does not need to be paid back as long as the Client appears in court up to sentencing.
  • Once the bail has been arranged, a professional bondsman will be dispatched to meet the co-signer at the jail.
  • A bail bond agreement will be signed after our bondsman has explained the terms & conditions of the bond an answered any additional questions. All that was agreed upon will collected and a bond will be posted.
  • Once released the same agreement will be signed by the Client and the client will be informed of the terms of the agreement, court dates as well as any additional resources such as attorney’s, Rehab centers, Counseling, etc.
  • Our clients are given direct access to the owner to answer any questions or provide any additional services needed.    
  • Video from Massey’s Bail Bonds

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