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  • Should I plead to a Metabolite DUI?

    I was discussing a case with a prosecutor today.  He made the offer that my client plead to Driving with a Measurable Amount of a Controlled Substance in his system.  This is basically the same thing as a DUI, except the prosecution does not have to prove any impairment or level whatsoever.  The only thing […]

  • Follow UP to Officer’s getting their own Utah DUIs!

    So here is a follow up on the story from yesterday.  The interesting thing about this case is that the officer was never found guilty of DUI.  However, his department presumed him guilty and fired him anyway.  It’s interesting that the police don’t even respect the sacred presumption of innocence even when dealing with their […]

  • Police Get DUIs in Utah???

    The Police are making arrests for DUIs.  A story broke today about 30 officers being disciplined.  Many of the disciplined officers were involved in sexual misconduct.  However, I was shocked to see a few of them were officers convicted of DUI or Alcohol Related offenses.  One of the officer’s was the the poster child for […]

  • Arrested for DUI in Clearfield Utah?

    Many of my clients get arrested right after leaving Bogey’s.  The police seem to drive around the club between 11:00 p.m. to closing time waiting for people to leave.  The officers will then following the citizen until the person commits a minor traffic citation.  The officers then pull them over, ask how much alcohol was […]

  • Utah DUI Attorney Perspective on Friends letting Friends Drive Drunk

    An article written in the Daily Utah Chronicle surfaced today regarding friends letting friends drive Drunk.  The writer brings out some good points that I would like to highlight. Being convicted of a DUI in Utah carries steep criminal penalties, including revocation of your driver’s license, jail time, fines and community service. These penalties increase […]

  • Appealing a Utah DUI from the Justice Court

    In this recent article, a form  UHP  Trooper  appeals his  conviction from a Justice Court.  This is actually very common.  Utah has a unique system.  Class B Misdemeanors and lessor offenses can be heard in a Justice Court (municipal court, or city court).  These courts have no video or record made while hearings go on.  […]

  • New Year’s brings New Utah DUI Checkpoint in Logan

    The Logan Law Enforcement is going to be doing a DUI check point this weekend according to the Herald Journal.  The interesting thing is this.  The article says the officers are checking for drunk drivers not be their ability to drive, not by weaving down the street, but by checking for minor things like registration, […]

  • DUI Field Sobriety Video Has Some Value

    A couple of  years ago, a video appeared on the internet which is shown below.  This has some good entertainment value and people snickered as they watched.  The movie was passed through emails and links all around the web.  Some believed this incident was real.  While it was a staged act, the point is well […]

  • Utah DUI Field Sobriety Tricks

    A DUI specialist from Lubbock Texas, Stephen Hamilton, wrote this interesting article about Field Sobriety Tricks.  He ended up with a case where the officer admits that that these tests are tricks.  The officer tells the citizen accused that these tests "are just part of the part of the field sobriety tricks."  Mr. Hamilton even […]

  • Arrested for Utah DUI!

    So you have been arrested for a DUI in Utah.  You are embarrassed, mad, depressed, and wondering what happens next.  This is an overview of the what the process when you are arrested for a DUI in Utah.  Arraignment:  The Court schedules an initial appearance.  This is a gray area.  Sometimes  you need to call […]