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  • Utah DUI Charges–18 Troopers, 18 Arrest

    This past weekend, 18 Utah Highway Patrol Troopers made 18 arrests people for DUI.  100 cars were pulled over according to the article in the Deseret Morning News.  Here we go again, officers look for any reason they can to pull a citizen over to check them for alcohol.  The motive is wrong even though […]

  • Utah DUI Attorney

    The question that was presented to me the other day was, "Why should I hire a Utah DUI Attorney, rather than an attorney that does all sorts of cases?"  I responded, with a question, "If you needed brain surgery, would you go to a general practitioner?"  Defending DUI has become a specialty that takes years […]

  • Intoxilyzer Breath Guesser Manufacturer is in Contempt

    On August 12, 2007, I wrote a little bit about the Source Code that the manufacturer is refusing to let anyone see.   A Defendant has a right to see and challenge the evidence against him or her.   This issue is being heavily litigated in Florida.  Apparently, CMI Inc., the manufacturer, said we are […]

  • Utah’s Breath Test Guesser

        In Utah, it is illegal to drive when your blood/breath alcohol content is over a .08%. To determine how much alcohol is in your breath, the government uses three methods: a breath machine, a blood sample, or a urine sample. The most common method to test for alcohol in a person’s system is using the breath machine. Utah […]