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  • Utah DUI Defense: The Law and Practice

    Over the past year and a half, I have worked tireless on becoming an author.  So here it is released yesterday.  Over half the books in stock are gone.  In conjunction with AZ premier DUI Defense Attorney James Nesci and premier Utah DUI Defense Attorney Jason Schatz, 458 pages are done along with an extraordinary […]

  • New 2011 Law for Minors and any Detectable Amount of Alcohol while operating a car?

     The 2011 legislature changed Utah Code 53-3-231.  If the driver is found to have any detectable amount of alcohol in the system while operating a vehicle and is 19 to 21 years old, the Driver License Division can deny the person’s license not less than 6 months for a first offense. If it is a […]

  • New Utah DUI Laws for Minors 2011?

     New laws come into effect on July 1, 2011.  These new laws are confusing.  First, you must understand that there are administrative/civil consequences that the Driver License Division will impose without any Court action.  There are consequences that the Driver License Division will impose as the result of Court action.  That New Laws break down […]

  • DUI Laws for 2011

  • Do Utah Prosecutors Cheat?

      I was reading an article about a case wherein a man is accused of serious robbery type crimes.  An identification of the man was made by several witnesses in Court.  Here is the problem.  Apparently, what happened is a couple of weeks before trial, the prosecutor and officer’s met with the witnesses.  They showed […]

  • Utah DUI on a Bicycle, Really???

     Beware, ride with an alcohol limit at or over a .08, you can be charged with DUI.  It’s true.  It has happened in Vernal.  The first of its kind in Utah, that I have heard.  There are old cases of riding a horse while drunk.  But really, a bike?  I mean if a person chooses […]

  • Five Tips on Defending a Federal DUI in Utah

     For the eight months, I have been defending a man that was accused of a DUI occurring on Hill Air Force Base.  The man was exiting out of an inbound gate at 5:30 a.m.  (All traffic, both lanes were inbound with no exit).  The man pulled to the side and the cops arrived and smelled […]

  • What happens when an Officer Hides Evidence, and Gets caught in a Utah DUI?

     I was asked by a client two years ago to take over his case. He had another lawyer; he pled guilty and was on the verge of being sentenced. I agreed to represent this man and filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea before he was sentenced. The judge allowed the plea to be withdrawn. The man’s case […]

  • Can an Officer Pull Me Over for No Reason?

      I recently represented a lady on her second accusation of a DUI.  The first accusation she plead guilty.  I appealed it for her because there was no evidence that this woman was impaired to any degree.  The officer arrested her because she went through a red/yellow light and smelled alcohol on her.  That was […]

  • New Utah DUI Laws: Forfeiture of Vehicle

     The new laws now allow seizure and forfeiture of your car.  If you have been convicted of certain crimes, the government can take ownership of your car away.  If you are driving on a suspended license, and your license was suspended because of a DUI or DUI Metabolite, then the government can take your vehicle […]